Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pitcher and Bowl

Last weekend I was blog-hopping and got lots of inspiration to get some projects done! Pen and a "How To Train Your Dragon" notebook in hand (Handsome boy won't mind haha) I wrote down every yard sale,garage sale and community sale within 20 minutes from my house. I wrote about 8 down,however,I only made it to 2 on the list! There were so many in the areas I visited that I couldn't make it to all! Lucky me!! My first stop was a community sale (LOVE those) and I am glad that I stopped because a few different houses had exactly the items that I needed for some new projects that I am looking to try. I picked up 2 glass vases, 50 cents each,instead of paying a dollar each at the D tree. I also grabbed a Harry Potter hardcover set (yes!) for only $10! Which should look great displayed once I figure out which room and where! A white shelf for a $1,very much needed! I also got a sake set for only $2!

Did I mention how much I LOVE these community sales? haha But the neatest thing of the day that I discovered was an adorable little pitcher and bowl set that was just screaming for some primer and flat white paint! I was inspired by a blog post,not sure of the source and sought out to find my own,open to pretty much anything just to even try the idea on! So I picked this set up from a very cute elderly couple who were singing and playing guitar for their visitors,for only $2.

Grabbed some white primer and tackled those flowers! After about 4 coats of primer ('No No" thought it'd be a good idea to poke the side at one point while it was drying!) I waited about a half hour and started spray painting with the white flat paint. This is the gorgous result.

I love the handle and the accents on the sides of the bowl. I think the one solid color brings out what is really pretty about the set because you can see all of it without those flowers getting in the way! So this cost $2 plus $3.47 for the primer spray,the flat white I already had so $5.47 for this project. But there is still a bunch of the primer left so it didn't really cost the whole $3.47since it'll be used for other projects but in case you don't have these things on hand,the white flat spray paint was .97 cents at Wal-mart.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My First Project:Bahama Sea and Jade frames

The best way to get this going would be just to go straight into the first project that I did just for this blog! I have never spray painted frames and have been needing frames for our living room ever since we moved in...uhh...9 months ago! I know... So instead of running out and grabbing whatever I could find for frames,I decided to make a trip to Goodwill and see what they had for frames and how the prices were. Now,I have heard from other thrifty bloggers that Goodwill is the best place for cheap,good quality frames and how right they were! I ended up getting a bunch in great condition for 2.99-4.99 and the 4.99 frame was an 11x16! I was excited to get them home and to get a couple of them sanded and spray painted! I started out with sanding this frame (on the right)

It was a black frame with a black gloss paint so I sanded it with a very low grit,100,

blew off the dust from sanding and slapped 3 coats of this very pretty blue on it. The brand is Krylon and the color is Bahama Sea

bought at Wal-Mart for $3.47. I love how the color turned out and will be using it for other frames that I pick up. I also love their turnable nozzle. You can paint with it straight up and down or turn it and paint with a line from left to right.

On the frame in the first photo,on the left,I used Krylon,Jade. I love this color!
 This is that frame finished :)