Thursday, March 17, 2011

My First Project:Bahama Sea and Jade frames

The best way to get this going would be just to go straight into the first project that I did just for this blog! I have never spray painted frames and have been needing frames for our living room ever since we moved in...uhh...9 months ago! I know... So instead of running out and grabbing whatever I could find for frames,I decided to make a trip to Goodwill and see what they had for frames and how the prices were. Now,I have heard from other thrifty bloggers that Goodwill is the best place for cheap,good quality frames and how right they were! I ended up getting a bunch in great condition for 2.99-4.99 and the 4.99 frame was an 11x16! I was excited to get them home and to get a couple of them sanded and spray painted! I started out with sanding this frame (on the right)

It was a black frame with a black gloss paint so I sanded it with a very low grit,100,

blew off the dust from sanding and slapped 3 coats of this very pretty blue on it. The brand is Krylon and the color is Bahama Sea

bought at Wal-Mart for $3.47. I love how the color turned out and will be using it for other frames that I pick up. I also love their turnable nozzle. You can paint with it straight up and down or turn it and paint with a line from left to right.

On the frame in the first photo,on the left,I used Krylon,Jade. I love this color!
 This is that frame finished :)

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