Friday, April 1, 2011

Early Frugal Days

Ever since I was younger I have been a frugal and thrifty person.I would go "trash-picking" with my brother to find things for my bedroom that other people just simply did not want anymore.I never took the junk,always the good stuff. I didn't see the potential in the "junk" until I turned 26! My favorite finds were holiday decorations. For some odd reason I know lots of people that throw a lot of them away after the holiday ends and this just kills me! I remember when the local D tree opened and how I was there on opening day! I even spent $75 on Halloween decorations from my nanny job savings and my brother spent $25. He didn't listen when I tried telling him to keep an eye out for quality over quanity and to this day he has none of those decorations,I still have mine :)

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