Friday, April 1, 2011

Hair Color Find

Last weekend,I went out on a quick shopping trip to Wal-Mart to grab juice. I remembered I had seen some hair color on clearance,by the garden center,so I stopped to see if,by chance,they had all been marked down a little more. They were all averaging $4.50 when I had seen them last week. I noticed the tags on them were still the same but they only had a few boxes of Natural Instincts for $7.97. Natural Instincts is not my favorite brand of hair color but since I usually color my hair red,I decided since spring is nearing us and it has been hotter already here,in southwest Florida,that I would go with my natural brown for a while. But not for $7.97,which is hardly a clearance price for any hair dye for me. I usually wait until they are $4 or under on sale or clearance and stock up. But then I noticed the tags,on the shelf underneath the product stating it Was $7.97 Now $1.00!!! So I grabbed 3,mom wanted one as well,and headed to the register. As soon as they rang up,OF COURSE they scanned for the $7.97 but I told the cashier they are marked $1.00 and after some eyerolling the other cashier behind her,just hanging out,went and looked and came back and gave a nod that it was ok to override. And the really neat part was the boxes came with a Venus Embrace razor attached!

They are about $6.00 on average and I personally bought 2 hair color boxes so typically what I would have spent $27.94 on,I spent $2.00. Now THAT'S what I call an awesome shopping trip!

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